Meet the Shopkins

Apple Pie Alice

Homely and wholesome: Alice is a true American icon. In Crust we Trust! 

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Cinnamon Sally

A little spice that tastes so nice. She's making baking taste so much better one shake at a time!

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Cool and fresh, Pepper-Mint always looks like she's about to have a meltdown. But when she's in the kitchen she's totally chilled! Her cookbook is always choc full of cool recipes that will melt your heart! Her Motto: Live the Ice-Cream Dream! 

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As sweet as pink frosting and a hole lot of fun, Donatina can run rings around the other Shoppies when it comes to baking nice iced donuts! A "Happy-Dough-Lucky" kinda girl, she's always 'round to help her friends!

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A girl who can stir up trouble and get into sticky situations in the kitchen! Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. Be careful, she can really burst your bubble! But she rarely cooks up a recipe for disaster. Bubbleisha's motto: It's always fun when you cook with gum! 

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A little Sweetie who's smart, sensible and always tastefully dressed!  Cooking up treats is a piece of cake for this stylish chef! Jessicake loves bakin' and creatin' in the kitchen with her Shopkin Besties. From tasty pastries to the sweetest Cutie Pies, it's all in a days work!  Her motto: "Life's what you bake it!"

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Cara Carrot Cake

Golden in color and golden in taste, her Midas touch adds a little color to any dish she's involved with.

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Iris Icing Sugar

Sprinkly and light, she's a Chef's delight! Plus she's a must if you want a sweet coating of dust!

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Karen Carrot

Loves to dig in and help with the cooking, Some of her friends think she looks more orange than an orange! But she doesn't carrot all.

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Stacks Cookie

Stacks of sweet, she's a tall order to beat! She's a pile of good lookin' cookies!

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Dusty Cocoa

Always organised! Dusty Cocoa is all over it!! She loves to add a little color.  A finishing touch who's never too much!

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Vicki Vanilla

A little bottle of big flavor, she's very intense and sometimes can be a little too much!

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Choc Chips

Always chipping in with sweet ideas, She's a little bowl of bliss who loves to sweeten the pot!

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Cupcake Princess

A treat fit for royalty. Cupcake Princess rules the kitchen. She deserves the title: "Sweetest Cupcake Ever"! 

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Freda Frosting

She tops the lot when it comes to looks! She'll whip up the perfect finish to any cake in so many colors!

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Cassie Caster Sugar

She's always looking fine and is the perfect problem solver. A little caster who will fix any disaster! 

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Barbie Breakfast Muffin

A hearty breakfast starter who loves to get you ready for the day. Nothin' beats this muffin!

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Susie Sausage

Always dressed to grill and is a bit of a high fryer! A colorful character who like to change with the times!

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Charlie Cheese

Always likes to be on top of things but when things start to heat up he just goes with the flow!

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Madeline Muffin

Someone who loves to be 'round at the breakfast table but doesn't like cold mornings. She prefers to be toasty warm!  

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Tegan Tea

Relaxed and always ready for a catch up, Life for Tegan Tea is a cup full of calm who loves to share herself with others!

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Pippa Lemon

When life gives you lemons you better hope it's Pippa! She's not a bit bitter! She'll become your Zesty Bestie!

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Herb L. Teabag

A real nature lover who loves taking a dunk in hot springs! There's nothing more refreshing than a long hot soak!

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Olive Oil

A real morning person. She loves to wake up oily and slip out to the store for breakfast!

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Ros Berry

A shy little berry who gets embarrassed easily. She's always turning red!

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Kane Sugar

One of the sweetest Shopkins you could meet and loves to sprinkle her sweetness around by the spoonful!

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Briana Banana Smoothie

A real smooth mover who always looks sweet on the dance floor. She's a glass above the rest!

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Blocky Ice Cube

A little square but also  very cool! A great friend to have on a hot day but watch out for the puddles she leaves behind!

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Buncho Bananas

 Always a bunch of fun to be around. Super helpful. Will bend over backwards for you!

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V. Nilla Tubs

Keeps her cool no matter what. Can seem a bit cold to begin with but give her time and she'll warm to you!

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Runny Honey

Made by bees who are eager to please, Runny Honey is a good natured sweetie who always likes to give you a buzz!

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Berry Sweet Pancakes

A tower of fun to start the day that will never leave you flat! Berry sweet and nice to meet!

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Mavis Maple Syrup

A sweet friend who sticks by you thick or thin! You can never get enough of her on your plate!

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Strawberry Top

Fresh and sweeeet! Always ripe and ready, this little pot tops the lot!

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Fleur Flour

Loves to shake things up in the kitchen. She takes the cake when it comes to makin' baking!

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Sami Scrambles

An early riser who needs a little help to stir in the morning. Tends to get a little mixed up when it comes to getting breakfast ready!

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Small-Fry Pan

A little pan that can handle a lot of heat! Mention pancakes and she flips-out!

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Polly Parsley

Always fresh-faced and loves to have the last word. Likes to finish off other dishes with a personal touch!

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Toast T. Warm

Warm and friendly, Always at the bottom of things at breakfast time! A dry and witty guy who's very supportive!

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Melissa Milk

A little emotional, pours her heart out to others. It's better than bottling it up!

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Shelly egg

A real softy who loves to help bring friends together! Never likes to be separated from the gang!

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Betsy Butter

Always there to solve a sticky situation. Loves to spread herself about. Her friends melt her heart!

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Life is "hole" lot of fun for Donatina! With her head in the clouds, she's a "Happy-Dough-Lucky" kinda girl who samples more donuts than she sells! As sweet as pink frosting, she's always 'round to help her friends!

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Pam Cake

A berry early riser, Pam Cake is as chirpy as the birds she wakes up with. She hits the stores before the shops open their doors and flips out when she knows she's the first of her friends with the latest fashion! Always helpful but very competitive, her energy levels are switched to "Berry High!" Which is a good thing because she's flat out 24/7.

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Peppa Mint

She may look chilled but Peppa-Mint is always having Meltdowns! Maybe because she keeps losing her cool because she's so warm hearted! Shy and a little syrupy, she sticks close to her friends and loves getting the scoop on all the gossip in Shopville!

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Rainbow Kate

Being brilliant is a piece of cake for this Shoppie! Full of fun and always on the go, nothing is ever done slow! Her friends never feel down when she's around because she brightens up the gloomiest day! And how do her Besties find her when she's out shopping? Easy, they just look up and follow the rainbow! 

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Sara Sushi

Peaceful, calm and never alarmed, Sara Sushi is always in "tuna" with her inner self! But when things don't go to plan she goes off the rails like an out of control sushi train! However, after a few deep breaths she's back on track and ready to chill with her friends at her favorite sushi shop!

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Tiny Tissues

Eager to please after every sneeze, Tiny Tissues is ready to catch a tear or blow a nose! Bless her!

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Dennis Bat

Highly strung and sometimes tense but always ready to rally for a good cause!

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Polly Teapot

Prim and proper, there is always time for tea when Polly teapot comes over. Life's never boring when you're pouring!

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Tammy Tambourine

A real shaker and mover who likes to march to her own beat!

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Katie Skateboard

A risk taker who loves doing tricks! She flips out when she knows her friends are watching!

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Lola Roller Blade

A wheelie fast scootin’ boot who loves to rock 'n' roll and is a bit of a shoe-off!

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Connie Console

Quite a controlling personality. Don't push her buttons or she could lose it!

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Polly Piano

A Shopkin who love to play 24/7. The key to her happiness is being in tune with her emotions!

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Royal Cupcake

A treat fit for royalty. She's always leaving crumbs on the red carpet.

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Linda Layered Cake

A Shopkin who likes to please everyone! A slice that's three times as nice!

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Lynn Lamp

A very switched-on Shopkin who's well read and always has bright ideas. Sometimes she can become a little light headed!

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Jen Jug

Always cool headed when things start to heat up. Jen Jug can handle any situation without flipping her lid!

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Ice Cream Kate

The coolest Shopkin at the party. Always has the scoop on what the latest gift trends are!

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Sprinkle Lee Cake

A Shopkin who sprinkles happiness wherever she goes! She always has hundreds and thousands of thing to show her friends!

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Hillary Harp

Has a heart of an angel. Hillary is always putting her friends to sleep with her dreamy harp playing!

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Woody Garden Chair

A Shopkin who likes to sit outside and listen to the birds sing. A great friend to be with after a busy day!

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Freda Fern

A fern-loving Shopkin who loves to branch out and do new things, she has a growing circle of friends!

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Dolly Donut

Rolly sweet and rolly friendly, Dolly Donut is a roll lot of fun and the perfect friend to have over for tea!

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Cute Fruit Jello

Even though Cute fruit Jello can be wobbly on her feet, she always has clear head! She loves Birthday parties; "For she's a jolly good Jello!"

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Creamy Cookie Cupcake

Three treats in one! A cupcake made with cookies and cream, now that’s a real sweet dream!

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Mel T Moment

Sweet from top to bottom and a bit soft centered. She’s made to melt your heart!

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Bertha Bath

With a warm and bubbly personality, Bertha is just good clean fun to play with!

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Grace Baseball Bat

A Shopkin who's always a hit when comes having a ball with her friends!

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Bessy Baseball

A real high flier who loves a good joke that leaves her in stitches. A very helpful Shopkin, She's always pitching in where she can!

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Penny Wishing Well

A Shopkin with a lot of cents!  Always happy and feeling well, Penny is always offering her best wishes to everyone!

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Can be silly and very spilly but loves to help in the garden. Fill him with water and watch him grow!

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Tammy TV

Wide eyed and excited, always shouting "Look At Me! Look At Me!" Till someone turns down her volume!

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Jade Spade

A Shopkin who really digs gardening. It's dirty job but some one has to do it!

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Berry Smoothie

 A real smooth mover who's all glass and knows how to blend into a crowd. 

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Rita Remote

Keeps changing her tune about everything. A little short tempered so don't push her buttons!

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Jingle Purse

A real shaker and mover but a little noisy. Only has a few coins to her name but is rich with friends!

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Peta Plant

A real head for gardening. She has a hair-do that's "Blooming marvelous!"

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Pancake Jake

A stack of fun and totally Pantastic! Will flip over backwards to help you out!

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Milk Bud

A real moosic lover who never cries when she spills herself. 

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Sally Scent

A real sweetheart of a perfume who loves to play match maker. But can be a little self scented! 

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Pretty Puff

Always on the go spreading her sweet scent! She's  super fit and never gets puffed out!

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Pretty Bow Kay

Looks as pretty as she smells, She just loves to spray the day away.  

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Gemma Bottle

A cut above the rest, Gemma always shines when she steps out on the town. She's the sweet smell of success! 

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Frenchy Perfume

Oh La La! A true romantic who always dreams of living in Paris.

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Sparkly Spritz

A sparkly personality who loves to fill the air with pretty scents to share!

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Hot Choc

Warm and welcoming. A great friend to finish off the night with! 

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Miss Pressy

Always gets an invite to every party and knows everyone's wishes. But she's not going to tell you!

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Fish Flake Jake

Gets a bit shaky when he's around gold fish but is always happy share at dinner time!

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Goldie Fish Bowl

She's all glass! A really busy bowl. Sometimes finds it hard to keep her head above the water.

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A house for a real High Flyer and the best nest in town!  "Home Tweet Home!" 

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Ice Cream Queen

Queen of the freezer! Never cold to her loyal followers, she like to sprinkle her friendship around! 

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Shy Pie/Cherry Pie

Cherry nice and ready to slice! A Shopkin you can always Crust!

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Cheeky Cherries

Cheeky and cheery, when we put our heads together we can do anything! We are always blossoming with ideas!

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Comfy Chair

An easy chair to get along with and always comfortable to be around. Just a big softy really! 

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June Balloon

You've got to take your hat off to her. She's one of the silliest Shopkins around but always a lot of fun!

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Bagel Billy

I'm not just a roll with a hole!. I'm Bagelicious and always filling good!

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Handbag Harriet

Carrying on with her friends!

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April Apricot

Cheeky and cheery, when we put our heads together we can do anything! We are always blossoming with ideas!

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With a sweet n sour personality this girl can really burst your bubble. Her attitude can sometimes get her into sticky situations but her friends all know she can be as sweet as candy when she wants to. 

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Life really is a piece of cake for this little sweet heart! She’s very warm and understanding and has dozens of friends. Anyone new that she meets, she sprinkles them with cupcake treats, and she’s always baking up new ideas for her next big Girl’s Day Out!

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This highly excitable girl is the loudest and most talkative. Her friends are always telling her to “keep a lid on it!” She’s a “reel” attention getter! She loves having a movie marathon when her friends sleep over!

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Macca Roon

One colorful character, A bit of an airhead but one of the sweetest Shopkins you'll meet.

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Candy Apple

When she starts something she sticks with it. She looks like a sweetie but can sometimes be a bit sour!

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Secret Sally

Trustworthy and faithful. She will always keep your secrets. She has an amazing memory and loves to talk about old times!

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Penny Pencil

Always has a point to make and likes to leave her mark. Her happy personality rubs off on others!

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Erica Eraser

Loves it when other Shopkins make mistakes. A real problem solver and loves to right wrongs.

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Jennifer Rayne

Always up to her ankles in trouble. Loves to splash out on her friends.

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Beverley Heels

Loves to be seen on the red carpet. Always glamorous from heel to toe!

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Ticky Tock

It takes time to get to know her but once you do the seconds will fly by. Watch Out!

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Ruby Earring

A stylish earring who hangs out with the beautiful people! She's lobes of fun!

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Roxy Ring

Always has a sparkle in her eyes and is a cut above the rest!

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Likes to get attached. Once she's on your finger, she wont let go. Runs rings around her friends when it comes to loyalty.

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Chelsea Charm

Has a strong heart and will be your bestie forever! This little Charmer will never break your heart!

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Brenda Brooch

Likes to be worn out but she never looks tired! She always shines to the occasion!

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Netti Spaghetti

A true Italian beauty. Long and thin she loves to take a spin. She's a girl who loves to twirl!

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Fiona Fries

She's a fast food who's always on the go! A real high fryer. With a heart of gold, she is always chipping in to help out!

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Teenie TV

She's always switched on and tuned in to the latest trend. A real attention getter. She loves it when other Shopkins watch her!

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Frost T Fridge

A cool chic who loves to chill out, but can get a little frosty sometimes.

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Taco Terrie 

This Tex Mex is always full of beans and can go a bit over the top! Then he starts to become hard to handle!

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Suzie Sundae

A Shopkin with a lot of glass! She's nuts about ice cream and can whip up a yummy treat in seconds.

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Sneaky Sally

A real sneaky mover with a bouncy personality. Loves being a step ahead of her friends.

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Loves to have a chat and is a very good listener. Her dream is to get married. She is always wanting to be engaged and keeps looking for the perfect ring!

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Casper Cap

The Shopkin who can cap off any outfit and is always in peak condition!

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Taylor Rayne

A little wet behind the ears, but very loyal. She'll always cover for you!

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Sometimes she's a hat, sometimes she's a lampshade! She's so bright she's always wearing shades!

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Sweet Pea

Cute and cozy, and ready to pop out of their pod. It's time to "Give Peas a Chance!"

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Pee Wee Kiwi

Tangy and sweet, a green fuzzy treat. When it comes to taste, this Kiwi is no Peewee!

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She always gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you meet her.

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Toastie Bread

Warm at heart with a very dry sense of humor. His favorite saying: 'If it's getting too hot, it's time to pop!'

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Patty Cake

A real Frost-top who loves to sprinkle joy wherever she goes. Her motto: "Life's what you Bake it!"

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Cheese Louise

A cool little mover who loves to dance to cheesy songs. When it comes to being smooth she takes the cake!

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Waffle Sue

A total chatterbox who loves to stay toasty warm. Even if it means a meltdown on top!

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Pamela Pancake

Stacks of fun! Overflowing with sweetness. But I'm never too syrupy!

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Minnie Mintie

A breath of fresh air! She's always cool to be around! Hugs and Kisses everyone!!!

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Ice-cream Dream

A little bit drippy but never loses her cool. She's always cool, cone and collected!

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High spirited and never flat, she is known for her fabulous style sense.

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Always a hard worker, Heels buckles down and gets on with it! She's no Shoe-off!

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Bun Bun Slipper

A bit of a snoozy head who is always ready for bed. She'd better hop to it before she falls asleep!

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Betty Boot

She gets her kicks riding high in the saddle. She's the wildest boot in the west!

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She can Bee Charming, she can Bee Helpful but most of all she love to Bee Sweeeet!

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Fi Fi Flour

A little bit messy to be around but she'll help anyone in a sticky situation!

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Fasta Pasta

A great friend to twirl around with. Once you meet her, she's un-spagettable!

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Cornell Mustard

He's hot stuff! A little squirt with a big flavor who can make any hot dog a little hotter!

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Al Foil

Strong and protective but can get torn between friends. He loves to shine!

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You've really got to hand it to her, She's the Queen of Clean when it comes to dishing up sparkling plates!

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Marsha Mellow

A real softie who doesn't like the heat! She loves sleeping out under the stars. Sweet Dreams!

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Lenny Lime

Born to please with just a little squeeze! He may be little but never call him a Pip-Squeak!

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Lee Tea

Sometimes he seems a little weak, but gets stronger with time! Loves a dip in a hot tub!

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Donna Donut

Everyday is a great day with Donna, but the best days are Fry-Days!

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Angie Ankle Boot

Practical yet sleek. Known for taking problems in her stride and never thinking she's too big for her boots!

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Zappy Microwave

A real fast thinker who wants everything done YESTERDAY! She can be a little impatient so don't push her buttons!

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Warm hearted rather than hot tempered and a hard worker. She loves to steam through her jobs each day!

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Lana Lamp

A brilliant personality who loves light hearted jokes. She loves coming up with bright ideas!

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Brenda Blender

A real smooth operator who sometimes like to stir up trouble. She's a wiz at blending in with a crowd!

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Toasty Pop

A guy with a warm personality who never has a stale idea! He's always popping up with new stuff!

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Sneaky Wedge

She’s footloose and fancy-free but gets a little tongue-tied now and then. But she never sweats over it!

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Poppy Corn

Warm and full of surprises! A great friend to see a movie with. She's a bag of fun!

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Molly Mops

Buckets of fun! A real hard worker with a shiny personality. When it comes to finding a bargain, she loves to clean up!

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Juicy Orange

Maybe a little bit pushy, she likes putting the squeeze on ya, but she's sweet on the inside!

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Dum Mee Mee

A peacekeeper that was born to shop! She’s no dummy when it comes to stopping tears!

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Corny Cob

His friends think he's a little bit corny! But you would have to "Husk" them that!

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Silly Chilli

Some friends say he comes across as being cold, but really he's just a little chilli!

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Dippy Avocado

A true greenie who likes to spread himself around. He sometimes like to spice things up!

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Chloe Flower

A bit of a hippy, she's all about "Flower Power" but she's loyal to the end! She'll never leaf her friends behind!

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Wendy Washer

A truthful Shopkin, she lays it on the line! She's a clean-living type of girl!

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Don't just brush past Sweeps, she'll be your friend from "Dust till Dawn"! She can handle it all!

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Squeaky Clean

Honest and clean-cut. She's in a "Glass of her own"! Every morning she loves to "Rise and Shine".

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A girl who knows her roll in life! She always feels flushed with success!

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Slick Breadstick

Crusty on the outside but warm on the inside. It's a tall order being a breadstick!

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Pecanna Pie

A bit nutty in the head but a real sweetheart inside!

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Mary Meringue

SWEEEET and fluffy! She always has her head in the clouds…

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Fifi Fruit Tart

A bit of a Fruit Loop who likes to mix it up! Sometimes a sweetie, sometimes sour, but always tasteful!

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Cupcake Chic

A fun-filled girl whose cup is always overflowing with sweet thoughts!

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Carrie Carrot Cake

Sweet but a little nutty! People say she has a heart of gold…  A 24 carrot heart of gold!

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Sippy Sips

Never spills a secret and likes to be held tight! She always loves to be sealed with a kiss!

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Nappy Dee

A hard worker in any weather, wet or dry, night or day! It's a big job for a little nappy!

178 of


She's like a little super hero! When she hears a cry for help this little squirt can save the day!

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Baby Swipes

A real clean machine! She keeps things shiny from top to bottom!

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Baby Puff

A sweet smelling shopkin who never makes rash decisions! She's so fit she never runs out of puff!

181 of

Lolli Poppins

As sweet as can be! She loves smiling and making Shopkins laugh!

182 of


She's old fashioned but still the life of any party!

183 of

Cheeky Chocolate

She's cheeky and a prankster! Always laughing, having fun and never afraid to get dirty.

184 of


Sometimes she'll chew your ear off! But she's really kind and caring.

185 of


A real party starter and a bit of an attention seeker!

186 of

Soda Pops

She's super bubbly and sweet!

187 of

Rainbow Bite

Optimistic and adventurous! - she always looks on the positive side of life!

188 of

Tommy Ketchup

Extremely cheeky and always wanting to be a part of everything!

189 of

Sugar Lump

A real sweety who gets along with everyone and is easy to be around.

190 of

Sally Shakes 

She adds some fun and flavor to any party!

191 of

Peppe Pepper

Always sneezing! He's clever and kind and a bit of a daredevil - he likes to spice things up!

192 of

Gran Jam

Caring, gentle and the mother of the group.

193 of

Breaky Crunch

Full of energy and ready to go at a moments notice, definitely a morning Shopkin!

194 of


Over protective and a bit of worry wart!

195 of

Papa Tomato

A story teller who adds flavour to everything he does. 

196 of

Cupcake Queen

Super sweet and a keeper of the peace!

197 of


Mellow and yellow but cute enough to melt any heart.

198 of


Partners in crime with Shampy with a great sense of style!

199 of


Err is that Silky or Shampy? We never know! Heeheehee.

200 of


Chatty and always grinning. She loves to make people smile!

201 of

Polly Polish

A fashion risk-taker who's always trying new colors and styles!

202 of

Strawberry Kiss

A day dreamer with a huge imagination and often away with the fairies!

203 of

Posh Pear

She's a bit spoilt but a good listener and friendly!

204 of

Pineapple Crush

Silly and fun and a lover of the sun!

205 of

Miss Mushy-Moo

A bit of a softy but with a good head on her shoulders!

206 of

Apple Blossom

An adventurer with big dreams and kind to the core!

207 of


Well cultured and different each day.

208 of

Popsi Cool

Cold on the outside but warm and gooey on the inside!

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Freezy Peazy

Super cool and the best rapper in the pod.

210 of

Apple Pie

Gentle and warm on the inside but with a thick skin.

211 of

Spilt Milk

A bit of a klutz and a born risk-taker, she likes to stir things up!

212 of

Chee Zee

A confident and passionate performer who loves taking centre stage and is a little bit crackers!

213 of

Mini Muffin

Sweet inside and out with a lot of energy! She's an early riser.

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Kooky Cookie

She's really shy and sensitive. Her friends are always getting her to try new things!

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D'Lish Donut

Super sweet but with a competitive edge. She's always trying for the perfect hole in one!

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Bread Head

He's independent and confident and a bit of a chatter box!

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Lippy Lips

A fashionista with sassy style and maybe a bit bossy!

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